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Legal support for commercial and local businesses

Whether you’re starting a new business, acquiring an existing business, need ongoing legal support for an established business or need assistance resolving a dispute, Attorney Shettle has decades of experience in corporate and commercial law.

Located in Glastonbury, our firm represents entrepreneurs and businesses throughout central Connecticut. For assistance with business formation, representation during a dispute or ongoing legal services, contact our firm. Call 860.430.1200.

Start-ups And Establishing A New Business

Starting a business is an exciting time – big ideas and hard work all come together, and the opportunities seem endless. But there are a number of legal hoops to jump through, and the best way to position your new company for success is to have an experienced attorney walk though through all of the filings and requirements.

Attorney Shettle has helped numerous entrepreneurs start new businesses, and continued to be an integral part of their team as the business has grown.

Services Include

    • Entity selection, including advice about the financial and tax implication of each option.
    • Obtaining financing.
    • Filing all legal documents with the Secretary of State to create your business entity.
    • Obtaining tax identification numbers.
    • Drafting operating, partnership and shareholder agreements.

Ongoing Legal And Business Support

Attorney Shettle doesn’t believe in setting up companies and just walking away. He wants to be your trusted advisor and can provide ongoing legal support for the entire life-cycle of your business. As your business grows, your needs will change – from making a commercial real estate purchase, buying a business, selling a business interest, reviewing a contract, or just bouncing an idea off of someone — and Attorney Shettle will be there to help.

I’m here to help.

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