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First Time Home Buyers

If you are considering buying a home this year, now is a great time for you to buy.   Interest rates are low, and the stock market is at record highs, which is an overall good sign for the economy.  Home prices are reasonable, but I suspect with the stock market doing well and the return of companies to the U.S., and jobs numbers healthy, that the demand for homes is going to go up.  When that happens, prices will go up too.  It’s simple Supply/Demand economics.    So take advantage of the “quiet” market we are in now.  It’s going to heat up soon as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer.   Then there will be more competition for homes and prices will be driven up in multiple bid situations.

If you want some great advice on how to get started, call me at (860) 430-1200.   Come on in and I’ll tell you how to choose the realtor that’s right for you, and what to look for in a lender.    At no cost to you.   Why?  Because if you find value in the advice I give you, you’ll choose me to be your attorney when you close.

Make 2018 the year you invest in yourself.  Buy a home.   You’ll be glad you did.