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I’m sure you’ve seen the flyers and ads:   FREE LIVING TRUST SEMINAR:

Wait for it……AVOID THE COST AND DELAYS OF PROBATE!   ooohhh….that sounds ominous, doesn’t it? 

Estate planning doesn’t have to be costly, but setting up a Trust, and maintaining it, can be.   The relative cost of meeting with an experienced attorney, understanding how assets pass to your heirs, and preparing a few documents such as a Will, Living Will/Designation of Health Care Agent, and Power of Attorney is a small fraction of what it costs to set up and maintian a Trust.

Once you do the Will, Living Will/Designation of Health Care Agent, and Power of Attorney, it’s likely that you won’t be making changes to them for many years, if at all.    But when you do a Trust, you have to make sure that ALL of your assets are put into the name of the Trust.  Then as time goes on, if you’ve acquired new assets like a house, car or boat, or set up a new bank account or investment account, or any other asset, you’ll need to update the Trust.  This will require an annual “check-up” with your attorney if you’re going to do it right.    But the truth is, many people don’t.  They forget about the Trust or get tired of the annual “check-up” with the attorney.    When this happens, the entire concept of “avoiding Probate”, is lost, and the delay in updating the maintenance of the Trust can take as much time as settling an estate in Probate.      

And let’s talk about Probate.   If you do it right, most of your assets won’t need to be “probated” anyway.   Only the solely owned assets are probated.   Many times, advanced distributions of a portion of an inheritance can be made while the estate is being settled.  Most estates can be settled within 6 or 7 months if you have an experienced attorney who works diligently and efficiently.    Probate is an orderly process that has stood the test of time, and it’s designed to carry out your intentions and to protect your heirs.

The bottom line is, an attorney would obviously rather “sell” you on a trust for several thousand dollars, as opposed to a few hundred dollars for some good and quality advice.   Some people absolutely should have a Trust.  For most, it’s not necessary.   But for all, meeting with an attorney and understanding the Estate Planning process is very important.

Your Trusted Advisor

Greg Shettle     

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CONSUMER PROTECTION DISPUTES.  If you’re in a dispute with a company or service provider, their primary strategy is to string you along without responding. The more they delay, the less likely you are to continue to pursue them. They know that most people will lose their motivation to fight, and if not, won’t know what or how to go about fighting them.

I do. I’ve successfully handled consumer claims and complaints, recovering money and damages for many clients. In most instances the cost to the client is a fraction of what is recovered (10-25%) and in some cases the attorney fee is included in the settlement, costing the client nothing at the expense of the company. I know your rights, and I know the laws that protect them. Call me if I can help you win your fight. (860) 430-1200.

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First Time Home Buyers

If you are considering buying a home this year, now is a great time for you to buy.   Interest rates are low, and the stock market is at record highs, which is an overall good sign for the economy.  Home prices are reasonable, but I suspect with the stock market doing well and the return of companies to the U.S., and jobs numbers healthy, that the demand for homes is going to go up.  When that happens, prices will go up too.  It’s simple Supply/Demand economics.    So take advantage of the “quiet” market we are in now.  It’s going to heat up soon as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer.   Then there will be more competition for homes and prices will be driven up in multiple bid situations.

If you want some great advice on how to get started, call me at (860) 430-1200.   Come on in and I’ll tell you how to choose the realtor that’s right for you, and what to look for in a lender.    At no cost to you.   Why?  Because if you find value in the advice I give you, you’ll choose me to be your attorney when you close.

Make 2018 the year you invest in yourself.  Buy a home.   You’ll be glad you did.



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Winter weather and slick roads are upon us.  As a result, the number of auto accidents increases significantly.   Take a few minutes and check you tires for a healthy tread.   Consider snow tires while you’re at it.

Insurance coverage:   Take a look at the insurance coverage on your vehicle.  What are the limits?  Who is covered?  What coverage do you have?  Do you have “Med Pay” for medical bills?   This typically covers the first $5,000 of medical bills due to an accident.   Do you have “Uninsured/Underinsured” motorist coverage in the event you are injured by someone with no insurance or without enough insurance to compensate you for your injuries.

It’s better to know what you have now, than to find out what you don’t have when you actually need it.  Please call or make an appointment to go over what coverage you have if you have any questions that I can help you with.

Injuries:  Seek medical care immediately if you are injured in an auto accident.  Get pictures of the accident scene and/or the damage to your vehicle, if possible.   Focus on your recovery and health.  I will take care of the rest.