About Gregory R. Shettle, LLC

Attorney Shettle has been providing legal services to individuals, families and businesses in central Connecticut for more than 25 years.

Clients often enlist his help for one particular issue, then come back years later for something unrelated. They come back not just because we achieved a favorable result, but because they feel comfortable with Attorney Shettle and trust him to handle their issue. To us, this is success.

Providing Straightforward Legal Advice

Attorney Shettle doesn't talk like a lawyer to his clients; he talks to communicate with you; he wants you to understand what is being said and what is taking place. His goal isn't to impress you with fancy legal terms. Instead, he will explain your legal situation to you in terms you understand.

A Local Lawyer Committed To The Community

Attorney Greg Shettle has deep roots in the community. He was born and raised in Hartford. He is focused on solutions and committed to providing exceptional legal services in a cost-efficient way. For more information about Attorney Shettle, see his biography hyperlinked below.

A General Practice Firm Focused On Solutions

Other attorneys work in only one or two areas of the law. Attorney Shettle has a broad range of experience and expertise. His services include everything from real estate to estate planning, probate administration, personal injury, corporate law, and criminal defense. Our firm also provides divorce mediation services to our clients.

No matter what your legal issue, he can help you find a solution or achieve your goals. And if he can't assist you, he will connect you with someone who can.

In addition to our law firm, Greg has an athlete management company: ELEVATE ATHLETE MANAGEMENT, LLC.

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